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Company profile
    Shenzhen STG Electronic Co.,Ltd  is one specialized is engaged in the smart card and tag research and development, production and sales for the integration of manufacturing enterprise. And constantly committed to the RFID technology and product research and development, already is one of the leading enterprises in Smart card industry, the overall solution provider of smart card application system. With NXP, EM, TI Texas instruments, INSIDE, LEGIC, ST, ATMEL, Huahong, Fudan microelectronics manufacturer established important cooperative partner relationship

Company vast sum bring in Label packaging equipment, compound die cutting machine, compound machine. In domestic established the first-class electronic tag mass production line, capable of producing the smart label can reach more than one hundred million production capacity

Bring in Latest Heidelberg four-color machine, the factory covers an area of 3000 square meters, owns Multiple production line equipment, including automatic winding machine, automatic touch welding machine, automatic chip machine, automatic punching machine, slotting sealing machine, high-speed automatic packing machine, laminating machine, CNC high speed packaging machine, magnetic on the automatic machine, automatic magnetic writing, DOD UV ink-jet printing machine, high-speed laser printer, printing machine, ink-jet printing machine, convex code machine, gold stamping machine etc Multiple equipment production line

Our main product have ID/IC card, smart card, RFID tag, anti-metal tag, article binding, RFID clothes hang tags, Gas-jar tag, contact IC card, Contactless IC card, special tag design etc,

Also can be customizing different type tag and card according to customer’s application demand

Products has been widely used in food traceability, asset management, warehousing logistics, access control, library management, alcohol anti-counterfeiting, livestock, and meat traceability, logistics and supply chain, vehicles, clothing to provide a high-performance solution.

Company own professional RFID technology R&D team, abundant experience in smart tag producing, Can be provide personalized custom service according to application demand and RFID terminal product.