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Avery Dennison Experience Center Aims to Encourage Innovation


With the broadening role of the Internet of Things and radio frequency identification technologies in retail, as well as in the logistics, aviation and automotive sectors, global label manufacturer Avery Dennison has opened a lab to help support growth in these areas. Avery Dennison's I.Lab is an experience center at the company's European headquarters in Oegstgeest, Netherlands.

According to Avery Dennison, the I.Lab is intended to provide customers with hands-on experience using its intelligent labels for a variety of use cases in retail and beyond. It also aims to encourage companies to bring que

The approximately 120-square-meter center consists of a display area simulating stores that sell food, apparel, cosmetics and accessories. It is located in the same building as one of Avery Dennison's materials laboratories, where the company also innovates based on the ideas and requests of partners and end users. It officially opened on Monday, Apr. 24.

Avery Dennison has been broadening its label portfolio, says Francisco Melo, the company's general manager and VP of global RFID for Avery's Retail Branding and Information Solutions division, in order to address more than traditional inventory accuracy via EPC ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID labels. Increasingly, RFID labels are being used for more purposes than counting inventory, such as point-of-sale (POS) management, magic mirrors and electronic article surveillance (EAS). In addition, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, 2D bar codes and wireless sensors are becoming part of the Internet of Things-based solutions companies are seeking.