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Outdoor Advertising Show Features UHF, NFC RFID Technologies


Trade association Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) recently used a dual-frequency, Near Field Communication (NFC) and ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification solution to provide attendees with personalized greetings as they entered the organization's conference, held in New Orleans on May 15-17, as well as access to show-based content. The technology not only offered a "coolness" factor for guests, but also provided the OAAA with analytic information regarding traffic flows through its conference, so that it can better strategize the layout of show floors in the future.


The system provided attendees with personalized greetings as they entered the conference.

The OAAA began working with event technology company ACCESS Event Solutions and digital experience engine firm Blue Bite to deploy a system at its annual trade show that would illustrate ways in which technology can enhance advertising. Blue Bite, in fact, is a member of the association, says Mikhail Damiani, Blue Bite's CEO. "We wanted to create a surprise and delight experience for attendees," he states. And while the OAAA wanted to include features that enable attendees to easily access data on their smartphones, it also wanted something that required no effort at all on the part of attendees.

The technology companies found that UHF and NFC RFID together provided the best solution, since neither technology required batteries in the badges. What's more, each could provide precise interrogation—at the front entrance, for instance.

The system, designed earlier this year, consists of ACCESS Event Solutions' smart badges with two embedded passive tags: a Smartrac Circus NFC tag with an NXP Semiconductors NTAG213 chip, and a Smartrac DogBone UHF RFID tag with a built-in Impinj Monza R6 chip for a longer read range to interact with onsite media screens. Users could deploy the NFC tag in the badge to interact with conference-based content using their own smart mobile devices. For those without Android phones, the badge also came with a printed QR code.